Recommended Links

Environmental Information:

¨ Tide/Current predictor
¨ National Climatic Data Center
¨ Canadian Meteorological Center
¨ National Weather Service, Seattle
¨ Northwest Avalanche Center
¨ Canadian Avalanche Center


¨ Soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at Colorado State
¨ Ecology and systematics at Cornell University
¨ Biogeochemistry at Cornell University
¨ The Centre for Biodiversity and bioresources
¨ Vitousek Lab at Stanford University

Other Stuff of Ecological Interest:

¨ Links to other Ecology and Ecosystem sites
¨ The amazing story of kudzu
¨ Simulation program for Lotka-Volterra competition models
¨ Corals
¨ Biology jokes

Books and Journals:

¨ "Ecology: Concepts and Applications" by M. Molles
¨ Ecoscience
¨ Ecological Society of America
¨ American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
¨ Science On-line help

Grant Programs:

¨ National Science Foundation homepage
¨ NSF - Division of Environmental Biology

Ecologists (with websites) at Western Washington University:

Biology Department Huxley College of Environmental Science Fairhaven College Mathematics Department

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