SEA Semester - Spring Term Opportunity

SEA Semester, an academic off-campus program run by the Sea Education

Association in Woods Hole, MA (on Cape Cod) is looking for students who'd be

interested in spending the Spring term doing hands-on oceanography, and

learning to sail a tall ship, and studying maritime culture and policy.

SEA Semester Class 169 begins in Woods Hole on March 29 to prepare their

research projects and complete the coursework necessary to serve as a

crewmember on the ship. The Class will meet the S/V Westward in St. Croix,

U.S. Virgin Islands, on May 9, and will sail the vessel back to Woods Hole,

arriving on June 21.

While under way, the students conduct their research, and put into practice

the seafaring skills studied on shore. [NOTE: SEA Semester students

receive expert instruction and great in celestial navigation—a rare

opportunity in the age of GPS navigation.]

SEA Semester students earn 17 credits from Boston University upon completion

of the program. As a bonus, students also earn 102 of the 180 "sea days"

required by the U.S. Coast Guard in order to sit for the AB (able-bodied)

Seaman’s License.

SEA is committed to making this experience affordable to WWU students. Full

cost of the program is typically $15,000. Qualified applicants (GPA 3.0+,

good standing, hardy constitution) may participate in Class 169 for the same

cost as at WWU.]

No previous sailing experience is required. Interested students should

communicate ASAP with Judith Froman, Director of Admission,

[ Application material is available on SEA's web site

(, under "SEA Students"). Application deadline is March 17.